Kundali Matching is the Gateway Towards the Life You Desire

Marriage is one of the pivotal event that changes the life of an individual, obviously for good reasons. Kundali matching by name is one of the striking concept in the ancient Holy Scriptures mentioned by the hermits and the saints in the Vedas and Puranas.

When we are born, our parents dream of the most beautiful life for us. With their best efforts and hard work, they provide us with well education, outstanding colleges and a proper auspicious married life.

The reality is that every individual’s life get destined from the day they are born. It already gets channelized in their birth chart or janam kundli in English, regarding the life events that are going to take place in their life. We tend to discover it by informing our date of birth, birth place and birth time to the Astrologers and they provide us the details and information through their calculations and predictions. And that includes our life before and after marriage.

When the person comes at the age for marriage or they fall in love to get married, the real journey of the life of compatibility comes into action. It is not necessary for both the individuals to have similar interest or taste towards life. We are unique individuals with our own process of regulating thoughts and living life. But what matters is the understanding or the compassion for each other.

To determine the compatibility and the future between two individuals, the Kundli matching of Astrology comes to rescue.

Now this question might cross the mind of many individuals that:

We are in love and we know each other inside out. Why do we need Kundli matching to reveal our compatibility?

First things first, we are always protective of our relationship and love that we develop with our lover/beloved. We never want any negative aspects to disrupt the peace of the relationship. Now the main situation is it is not necessary that the compatibility two individuals share before marriage would be the same after marriage as well.

There are stories by different people who have faced different situations after their love marriages. Many people who are ignorant about Kundli matching gets married to the individual of their choice and leads a great life together which is filled with immense abundance and prosperity. On the contrary, there are conditions when the life after the marriage gets destroyed. Loss of economy, financial crisis, misunderstanding between family members, quarrel, unnecessary frustrations and tensions between the couple, delays in child birth and many other negative prospective.

Both the couples unknowingly married their potential partners. But in the successful marriage, the compatibility or the marriage aspects of the couple has been way higher than that of the unsuccessful marriage. It is all because of the points that both the couples formed through their union. The life they chose is the result of their present situation they are dealing with.

What are the points and how do a few points determine our future?

These pious points are nothing but the 36 Gunn in the Gunn Milan method of Kundli matching. These 36 points are confluence from 8 different categories that define a person.

The categories are named as Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot and Nadi.

Each of these categories hold a special description for the nature, behaviour, health, mentality and compatibility of the couple.

Varna is related to traditions, values of the cultural norms, the status which defines the mentality. This category possesses 1 point.

Vashya is related to the energy or the power that the couple holds for each other in the relationship or the compatibility. This category possesses 2 points.

Tara is related to the lifespan of the partners post marriage, the relationship they would share with each other, the health and the lifestyle that would be influenced by one another. This category possesses 3 points.

Yoni is related to the characteristics of the wildlife or the animal that is inbuilt in the individual which indicates their behaviour and mentality towards their partner. It also represents the bond they share. This category possesses 4 points.

Graha Maitri is related to the mutual understanding, trust and faith as well the emotions that creates a wave in the relationship due to the influence of the Moon. This category possesses 5 points.

Gana is related to the respect and the sharpness they acquire to live a beautiful life. It also emphasizes on the behaviour of the individual with their partner’s friends and family. Gana helps in deciding the mentality or the thoughts they frame for one another. This category possesses 6 points.

Bhakoot is related to the prosperity, abundance, happiness and financial position of the couple after marriage. It comprises of the overall life together. This category possesses 7 points.

Nadi is related to the Nakshatras of the couple. It generates the heredity and the psychological aspects in the relationship through which the impact of the progeny or child birth is decided. This category possesses 8 points.

When all these points get added into 36, they form the most auspicious compatibility that favours the marriage for a wonderful life. If the individual is aware of the compatibility rate between them and their partner, it becomes easier to analyse the drawbacks and work over it.

What happens when the points do not exceed above 18 points?

When such conditions arises, it becomes a difficult life for the couple to live even if they get married. They might be full of love for each other but that won’t make their life successful unless the soul matches the soul. There would be sudden conflicts that would arise from nowhere, defamation within the family members, blame game on each other for small faults or incompleteness. There might be chances they get involved into drug or alcohol addictions which would affect the relationship. The delay in the child birth or problems in conceiving a child might arise as well. There might be degradation of health and destruction in career.

All these happens not because of the person you fell in love with but because of the incompatibility between the patterns of thoughts, nature and life of one another and still they make it a point to get married for destroying each other’s life.

When you are unaware of the power of the Kundli matching and you are lead a struggling life after marriage, there are remedies to those problems which can be obtained by the genuine astrologers, obtaining great knowledge in Astrology.

If you are already aware of Kundli matching, it is advisable to match the Kundli of your potential life partner along with yours for a beautiful and designed life of your dreams.

Write: Soumee Pal

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