KL Rahul Horoscope Analysis: Cracking the Celestial Code

KL Rahul Horoscope Analysis – KL Rahul is the star-opening batsman of India. He was also made the captain of the Indian team against Bangladesh and performed exceedingly well and won the series 2-0 in favor of India. He also serves as the captain of the Lucknow Giants Team. However, lately, KL Rahul is facing a lot of difficult times and is struggling with his batting form. Leaving out his captaincy in 2022, his batting has been good though he has been a constant source of trolling in social media. 

KL Rahul has recently tied the knot with Athiya Shetty and many feel that lady luck will smile on him and once again he will find his lost form and score profusely as before. Let us delve deeper and try to find out the coming fortunes of this wicketkeeper-batsman who was once hailed as the clone of MS Dhoni.  

KL Rahul was born on 18 April 1992 and as per his Birth chart his ascendant is Sagittarius and the lord is Jupiter. Since his birth chart is dominated by Jupiter, his nature is very calm and is rarely aggressive other than when he is on the crease, and prefers to answer critics and their trolls with his bat.

Let us now know how 2023 will turn out for the Indian wicketkeeper who has just been married.

The Rahul Zodiac sign is Libra or Tula Rashi and at present, Saturn or Shani is transiting in the second house of his birth chart. Another negating factor is Saturn transiting over the natal Moon in the 10th house. All these factors are pulling down the fortunes of KL Rahul. Rahul will have to pull up his gloves and practice to improve his game. However, the silver lining is the entry of Saturn into the Aquarius and this will once again propel him to new heights of glory. Similarly, the transit of Saturn or Shani from Mars will also see a change in fortunes and will see KL Rahul bat much more aggressively in 2023. The transit could also see a rise in the standing of the batsman and he could also be shouldering new responsibilities in the team.

At present the shadow planet is in the Aries zodiac and the Sun is also situated in the Aries in the fifth place. The sun is a fiery planet and is representative of prestige, honor, valor, and fame. However, the Sun is getting eclipsed by the shadow planet Rahu and this is the reason why Rahul is getting more than his fair share of brickbats and is constantly a victim of trolling by netizens. 

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KL Rahul Horoscope Analysis

Will Lady Luck Shine On Rahul After Marriage?

KL Rahul has just tied the knot with Athiya Shetty and he had to skip the Sri Lanka series because of his marriage. Looking at his birth chart it is revealed that his seventh house aspected by Aries is playing tango with Mercury and Venus and is situated in the fourth house. Therefore it is forecast that Rahul will be aided by his lady luck and will once again reach the pinnacle of success. 

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Shani Mahadasha

At present KL Rahul is going through a bad patch of what is known as Shani’s Mahadasha or the negative events precipitated by the transit of Saturn through a bad phase. Saturn’s ill effects are of medium intensity. Shani or Saturn is a planet that makes the person toil really hard and gives results in proportion to the efforts put in. Therefore Rahul must really toil and work on his game if he wants to weather this bad patch. Additionally, Shani is being aspected by Mercury and it is an indication that the person is going through a lot of mental turmoil. He is into deep introspection. There are a lot of possibilities that if Rahul can work on his technique he can surely get his career out of the rut it is stuck in and once again become successful. The World Cup is to be played at the fag end of 2023 and as per the position of the planets, Rahul is expected to play well and regain his form. 

KL Rahul is going through a lean patch and he will need all his strength and perseverance to once again regain his form. The coming months are crucial and he must take particular care about his health and fitness. He must also take care of the people around him, especially his relatives who are close to him and could also feel the effects of his lean patch. However knowing his past fighting grit which has helped him tide over the bad patch, it is 100% sure that he will tide over his latest bad patch and once again become successful.