Ketu in 12th House Meaning, Effects and Remedies

All of us are very nicely conscious of Ketu’s dangerous impact within the celestial area which brings a variety of battle and difficulties within the native’s life. But when Ketu in positioned positively within the 12th home, these folks can be blessed with sturdy wealth & achievements in life.

The individual of this place of Ketu in 12th home would battle loads and move via many hurdles however they’ll receives a commission for his or her onerous work and future endeavours as this battle would make them obtain admirable heights of career and funds. These folks would utilise their mind and time to the most effective.

Apart from this, the place of Rahu & Mercury within the sixth home together with this placement would convey extra beneficial impacts to the individual’s life. The one that has Ketu of their 12th home would possess consolation and luxuries in life and would lead a satisfying and joyful life.

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Destructive impact of Ketu in 12th Home

The dangerous placement of Ketu within the 12th home would make the individual incur losses and nugatory expenditure.These folks having Ketu within the 12th home ought to by no means hurt canine as it would convey unfavorable impacts upon them. Other than this, the location of Moon, Venus or Mars in 2nd home would additional improve the damaging impacts of this place.

Optimistic Results of Ketu in 12th Home

The 12th home of Ketu is normally thought-about optimistic in a horoscope. When Ketu is beneficial, the individual tends to have a religious bent of thoughts. They at all times like to maneuver in the direction of enlightenment, as that is their final purpose in life. This place of Ketu makes an individual an introvert.

The individual is at all times on the lookout for a secluded. These folks prefer to spend with out letting anyone know or they spend on issues that they’re the best-kept secret. This placement of Ketu additionally results in sleep deprivation. Furthermore, the individual could have hassle in mattress comforts. A few of them might also undergo from eye issues. Such an individual positive factors victory over enemies and opposition. Nonetheless, if Ketu is affected, the individual could undergo from health issues and hospitalization. Troubled Ketu in 12th home additionally causes an increase in bills.

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In Tune With Mercury

If Rahu is in sixth home, together with Mercury, then the impact is even higher. One has all the advantages and luxuries of life. If Ketu in 12th home is dangerous, then one buys land from a childless individual and the individual turns into issueless himself.

The Ketu within the 12th home can provide ache within the waist area to all of the people, notably childbearing females and it turns into extra severe if Saturn is within the 12th home with Ketu or within the eighth home. Ketu in 12th home together with Mars would give issues regarding the menstrual cycle. These individuals who have Ketu of their 12th home, it might negatively have an effect on their relations with a brother or sister of the mom, which may also be due to jealousy.

Treatments When Ketu in 12 Home

  • One ought to worship Lord Ganesha.
  • Would not have a free character.
  • Maintain a Canine
  • Attempt to Maintain a Saunf below the pillow for night time’s sleep.
  • Take the recommendation of expert astrologers to flee from worst results of Ketu

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