Importance of Husband and Wife Relationship During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most crucial phases in the lives of married partners. On one hand, they experience the excitement of inviting a new baby into their family. On the other hand, there is a significant change happening in their relationship due to pregnancy. Their physical intimacy comes down and emotional anxieties and worries mount up creating turbulences both inside and outside. The relationship between the husband and wife during pregnancy is a topic of vital importance in married life.

What happens to the to-be mother during pregnancy?

The to-be mother is worried of the support and care she will receive from her partner during pregnancy and after the child is born. She is also worried of the scary experience of labor pains and the developmental changes and difficulties during pregnancy. While she would experience a craving for sex at times, she might not be able to participate in sex due to her physical condition. Sudden mood swings, feeling of insecurity, physical hardships, worries about future and other inexplicable feelings might haunt her.

What happens to the to-be father during pregnancy?

The to-be dad is disturbed due to the absence of sexual intimacy with his partner during pregnancy. He experiences a strong craving for sex and the inability to satisfy this urge since his partner is not prepared for it physically. He faces the fears of having to share the place he enjoyed in his partner’s heart with the to-be-born baby. For some dad’s the baby might come as a villain challenging his intimacy with his partner. The other concerns that might haunt him include the financial commitments during and after pregnancy, managing the household after the child’s birth, the hassles of hospital visits and the care of his partner during pregnancy and others.

Why it is important to maintain a healthy relationship during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the burdens of both the partners increase by manifold. They confront both physical and emotional hardships on their own. Therefore it is but natural that there are some significant changes in their relationship. In some families, the husband and wife relationship takes a sharp turn towards the worst side starting from pregnancy. Misunderstandings crop up and irreparable damages happen pulling them apart. Considering the future life ahead of them, it is necessary that both the partners do their bit to maintain a healthy relationship during pregnancy.

Tips to keep the relationship healthy during pregnancy

  • Give some time for conversations. Share the excitement of getting the baby and planning for its future as a team. Understand and fulfill the physical and emotional needs of the other person.
  • Never give room for arguments, disagreements, and disputes. Try to understand each other and give room for the views of the other person with an attitude of giving and take.
  • While getting pre-occupied with the baby to be born, the to-be mother must not lose her focus on her partner. It is necessary for her to continue being sensitive to his physical and emotional needs and give her best in the appropriate way to make him happy too.
  • Pregnancy is the time to discover a new life ahead of you as a couple. Learn to expand your interests and priorities to cover the welfare and needs of the to-be-born baby.

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