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Health Astrology by Date of Birth: Powerful Astrological Remedies for Good Health. Medical Astrology Predictions for ✔️Cancer ✔️Kidney ✔️BP ✔️Skin ✔️Brain and More.

The word health refers to a state of complete emotional and physical well-being. Healthcare exists to help people maintain this optimal state of health. Even in the list of 7 happiness’s in Indian culture, health comes on the first position in the famous quote “Pahla Sukh Nirogi Kaya”. Basically the health is wealth, to achieve everything in this world such as wealth love etc. you must be fit and healthy at the first place. Health of a state where every organ of the body starting from the head to toe are working efficiently in a proper manner.

Planets responsible for good health

Moon is considered for mental health of a person while Sun is considered for physical health of a person. Good or bad health depends on the strength or weakness of these planets.

In astrology 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th and 11th houses are considered for health related issues while the 12th house shows the hospitalization. 1st house that means the ascendant indicates our whole body and its appearance in short. It denotes the mental as well as physical well being of a person. So if the ascendant is strong and the ascendant lord is well placed then the person is very less likely to catch any diseases.

Planets responsible for bad health

Saturn and Mars generally are responsible for the bad health of a person. Saturn denotes the diseases in a person while Mars indicates wounds, accidents, or loss of blood in any way possible. 2nd and 7th houses are considered as Marak Bhava in a Kundali. Whenever the dasha or antardasha of 2nd and 7th houses comes, a person is more likely to struggle with health issues. 6th and 11th houses are the house of illness and diseases which generally indicate what kind of disease you might have in your life. These houses show the weak organs of our body and problems that may occur related to those organs.

Diseases Caused by Planets

  • Sun planet, if your Sun is weak then you have a lot of probes for the problem of eyes, hard problem, the problem of bones, stomach, headache
  • Moon weakness due to eye diseases brain diseases cold diseases mantle disorder, shell infection, water loss, fear, etc. diseases
  • Mangal If our Mars is weak then make us blood, tumors can cause cancer, diseases, ear diseases, etc
  • Diseases given by Mercury are diseases of the nervous system, backbone skin problem, nose and throat diseases
  • Diseases caused by Jupiter(Guru) planet are obesity liver disease jaundice gallbladder, Stomach problems, unbalance of digestion system.
  • Due to the weakness of the planet Venus, the sexual disorder causes diabetes, kidney disease, stones, urinary tract, skin infections, tooth cavity problems.
  • Saturn diseases are blood deficiency cough, weight loss, gas forms as bone, tumors, cancer, gastric

It is very difficult to diagnose health diseases caused by Rahu and Ketu. It is very difficult for them to detect them, there is a big challenge for medical science, like seizures, negative thoughts, sleep, hormones, disturbances, becoming gas, becoming septic.

Houses and Diseases Related to Them

HouseHealth Diseases
First HouseHead Related Health Diseases
Second HouseMouth Diseases
Third HouseShoulder Diseases
Fourth HouseLungs Diseases
Fifth HouseStomach Diseases
Sixth HouseWaist Diseases (कमर रोग)
Seventh HouseUrination Diseases
Eight HouseSecret Diseases
Ninth HouseLegs Health Diseases
Tenth HouseKnee Diseases
Eleventh HouseNeck Diseases
Twelveth HouseEye Diseases

Some of the above mentioned common diseases are described, these diseases can be many more, but all diseases are known only after thorough analysis.

All the above types of questions are for the general public, who have doubts that if they have any such problem or disease in the future, then we want to tell you that astrology can diagnose all these types of problems. You can avoid such diseases. After checking all the positions of planets in the fraction horoscope All your questions can be answered.

Astrological Remedies for Good Health

If you have any kind of health problems and you are worried and you are not getting the solution, you can call our astrology experts and get an appointment from our experts on the phone to get your horoscope diagnosed and the remedies mentioned by them We definitely hope that your disease will be cured after following.

Frequently Asked Questions

✔️ What diseases will I have in the future?

It can be possible to know only by analyzing your horoscope. So take expert advice on it.

✔️ Can I have an accident?

It can be possible to know only by analyzing your horoscope. So take expert advice on it.

✔️ Can I have a big illness all of a sudden?

It can be possible to know only by analyzing your horoscope. So take expert advice on it.

✔️ How long will my illness be cured?

It can be possible to know only by analyzing your horoscope. So take expert advice on it.

✔️ Is there any precise treatment for my disease?

Yes, there is the treatment of your disease other than medical science but to know this you have to analyze your horoscope firstly. Then it can tell what is the treatment of your disease.

✔️ Is my illness incurable?

No, your disease has been also curable but what is the cure for it? It can be known by analyzing your horoscope?


Basic health astrology tips, you can know a lot by doing Google, but not by following them, if you are sick and like a specialist in any subject, then you go to a good hospital and get treatment from a good doctor. Must take astrologer advice.