The Power of Gemstones Healing in Your life

Chakra healing is the most powerful benefit of owning pure and Natural Gemstones. Let’s understand how crystal healing works in the real world.

Although crystal healing has been around for many centuries now, it has seen an uptick in its popularity as an alternative medicine lately. People flaunt beautiful and colorful gemstones not only for their charm but also for the benefits they pack into their tiny self.

Every gemstone carries unique abilities to heal, nurture, and protect your mind, body, and spirit. They promote a positive flow of energy through your body to remove negativity and afflictions.

Chakra healing is the most powerful benefit of owning pure and Natural Gemstones. Let’s understand how crystal healing works in the real world.

How Do Crystals Heal

Experts believe that crystals can heal due their ability to allow positive energy to flow into your system, flushing out the negativity and toxicity. Like any other alternative therapy, it channelizes your energy levels and causes your body to heal itself from inside.

Scientifically speaking, gemstones can invoke the placebo effect in your body to help in various medical treatments. They have unique frequency and vibration due to their molecular formations. When they move along your body, these vibrations can uplift your health, mind, and moods. They absorb negative energies and push them out while inviting fresh vibes.

Astrologically speaking, gemstones harness the healing energies of planets and oceans to improve your well-being. When you hold a crystal or wear it over your body, it interacts with various chakras to promote complete wellness. Since a gemstone vibrates at the same pitch or level as the humans, it has maximum healing abilities when connected with your body.

How to Choose the Right Gemstones for Healing

Gemstone healing sounds like a brilliant idea to get rid of many medical and mental conditions. But, a stone is effective only if it is chosen well. Sometimes, you may be ignorant about the quality and end up buying fake gemstones online. These crystals neither have the vibrations nor energies of the original gemstones.

As a result, you won’t get the anticipated results and feel cheated. So, exercise caution and follow these points to buy the right healing crystal.

Consult an Experienced Astrologer

Consultation with an expert astrologer and gemologist is the first step to make the most of crystal healing. If you want the stone to be effective, you need an accurate planetary analysis based on your horoscope or birth chart depicting various planetary positions. It is calculated according to the place and time of your birth.

Any predictions or calculations based on the horoscope are accurate as long as they are made by an expert astrologer. Some gemstone stores like GemPundit provide free astrological recommendations to their buyers. This way, you don’t have to go out of your path to find the right person and the right stone when you can find both at a single place.

Choose an Authentic Seller

Gemstone buying can be tricky if you go to an amateur or fake seller. They will offer you lab-treated or lab-created pieces of glass with no astrological values or metaphysical properties.

The stone may have fractures or cracks filled up with glass. Such stones have no value in gemstone healing. So, make your choices wisely and buy your healing crystals from a genuine stone that offers an exquisite variety with detailed catalog and free lab certification to prove its authenticity.

Choose a Combination of Stones

If your budget doesn’t allow buying precious gemstones like ruby, sapphire, emerald, or diamond, you have other options like semi-precious stone which are less expensive but powerful nonetheless. They carry the same astral energy of the associated planets as the precious stones.

So, when you can’t buy a diamond, choose colorless quartz which is the secondary gem for precious diamonds. Similarly, moonstone can be bought in place of ruby, yellow topaz for yellow sapphire, orange garnet for hessonite, green tourmaline for emerald, and amethyst or tourmaline for blue sapphire.

How to Use Gemstones for Healing

You may be tempted by now to try crystal healing for any reason. However, it still needs caution and preparation to reap the rich benefits over time. Here’s what you can do.

Channelize the Crystal

When working toward crystal healing, the first thing to do is to program the gemstone with your true intention. It implies that a gem will work when you tell it what it should do.

For channelizing a gemstone, you can hold it in your hand and take deep breaths while conveying your purpose to the stone. Even after buying a stone, you can ask your astrologer to awaken its powers with a proper prayer that encompasses gemstone cleansing and mantras.

Test Your Gemstone

After awakening and cleansing the stone, you need to test if it really works for you. This requires keeping the stone under your pillow throughout the night and sleep over it. If it gives you nightmares or scares, it may not be the right crystal for you. However, you may have found your true healing companion if your night goes uneventful.

Wear the Stone

Once you are sure to have found the right gemstone, it’s essential to wear it close to your skin. Hence, gemstone jewelry comes into the picture. It is the ideal form of keeping the gemstone at the right spot on your chakras. You may wear it as a pendant, ring, bracelet, or earrings for unending benefits.

And if wearing jewelry is not your style, you can buy loose gemstones and tuck them in your pocket or purse throughout the day. Meditating with gemstones is also an effective way of inducing their healing powers. Hold them in your hand to connect with intense metaphysical properties and yourself.

Protect and Care for Your Stone

Buying gemstones online and wearing them daily isn’t enough. You also need to care for your stone at regular intervals to allow uninterrupted energy flow inside your body. However, remember that gemstones can’t replace medical treatments as they can’t guarantee complete recovery.

They are instead an alternative curing procedure that eases your ailments by enhancing your internal energies. It gives you the power to resist and fight against an illness. So, clean your gemstone with care and protect it from harsh substances that can cause abrasion, cracking, fractures, or scratches on its surface.

Gemstones are appealing in their beauty and their healing powers make them even more irresistible.