Know About Gandmool Dosha And It’s Remedies

Astrology has spoken of the 27 constellations known as nakshatras. Several of these constellations are lucky while others are unlucky. The Gandmool Nakshatra is a constellation that is considered to be foreboding or unlucky. Gandmool Nakshatra includes Revati, Mool, Jyeshtha, Magha, Ashlesha, and Akashvani.

The Gandmool Nakshatra is the designation for the point in space where the zodiac and a constellation meet. The father of a kid born in the Gandmool Nakshatra is supposed to wait 27 days before seeing his child. The parent experiences difficulties as a result of this. The Mool nakshatra is regarded as the unluckiest constellation, similar to Gandmool.

A person with a mool nakshatra birth sign will have a very difficult life. The Gandmool dosha is the name of this dosha. Each 18th horoscope has this dosha. You may have Gandmool Dosha if you were born during one of six particular nakshatras. There is no reason to be frightened if you have Gandmool Dosha. A lot of well-known people have this dosha and yet they’ve accomplished a lot in life.

The lunar is the planet that matters the most when interpreting your natal chart. Although the sun could be more potent, the moon is closest and therefore has a greater impact on the planet and everything that lives there. We are all aware of the ebbs and flows that the moon causes in the oceans. In the same way, humans are impacted by this planet. Vedic astrology, therefore, employs a moon-based approach.

The moon travels through all 27 of the rashes and nakshatras. Astrologers consider the moon’s alignment with the nakshatras at the moment of your conception. Your birth star, or Janma Nakshatra, is determined by the Nakshatra that the moon is aligned with at the moment of your birth.

Gandmool Dosha And It's Remedies

What are the Gandmool Dosha Remedies?

You can use the following remedies to counteract the negative effects of gandamool dosha:

On the 27th day after the child’s birth, the parents of an infant with this dosha can hold a Gandamool Dosha Shanti Pooja. You can still perform this Puja if you missed the 27th day when the moon returns to this Nakshatra. Lord Ganesha should be worshipped by people born under the Moola, Magha, Ashwini, or signs. A good treatment for this dosha is to chant the Maha Mrityunjaya Japa. You can also conduct this pooja on the day of your birth, later in life.

On Wednesday, customers should also donate fresh veggies. Pray to Buddha if you were born under Revathi (Mercury), Jyeshta, and Ashlesha. Budha is pleased when offered bronze kitchenware, coriander, green veggies, amla, and emerald.

Depending on the Nakshatra Pada, Gandmool Dosha has different effects. According to a renowned Indian astrologer, there are numerous solutions you can do to lessen the symptoms of this dosha.