Dream About Crow – Spiritual Meaning Explored

Ancient scriptures have interpreted viewing animals and birds in dreams in several ways. Today, we are going to delve deeper into the interpretation of the dream about Crow. The dream of viewing crows has been interpreted in Swapna Shastra or the science of interpreting dreams. The crow, known as KAGH in Sanskrit, has been considered a truly mystical bird, and there is even a science called Kaagh Shastra, which studies the nature of crows and their relevance to human beings. Crows are often admired, despised, and even hated for their ugly appearance. However, as is the natural truth, reality is often stranger than fiction, and the poor bird receives more criticism than it deserves. The dreams of seeing crows are an indication of both good and bad.

Dream about Crow as a Bad Omen

The Garuda Purana, a treatise on various avians or birds, designates crows as the messengers of Yamaraj. The treatise elaborates on how crows give indications of good or bad events that will happen in the future to a person. The crow is also the carrier of Lord Shani or Saturn. Both Saturn and Yamaraj are arbitrators who decide the quantum of response for the deeds or Karma of different beings. Therefore, due to the ill effects of the crow, a person has to undergo different difficulties, and the quantum of difficulties depends upon the deeds he or she has done. This is one of the reasons that dreams about crows are viewed with trepidation and fear.

The crow is an ardent disciple of Lord Shiva but often derides and has to face problems due to its nature. It does not respect other Gods and Goddesses and often has to face their ire. Its unflattering voice fills everyone with anger and fear. The musical voice of birds often fills a person with happiness, but when a crow starts crowing, it fills everyone with anger. The crowing of crows is often synonymous and akin to a fight or brawl and is therefore labeled as an ill omen.

Dream about Crow as a Good Omen

Crows are not always synonymous with ill omens, and the fact that they are the carriers of Yamaraj and Shani is also a sign that they are harbingers of good omens and wealth. If anyone views a crow flying in their dreams, the person will see a significant increase in their financial holdings and fame. The crow is also considered an ascetic and a big disciple of Lord Shiva and Lord Rama. Lord Rama is also known as Maryada Purushottam, and the crow is also viewed as someone who does not stray beyond the laid laws of nature. Crows also fulfill a big social responsibility by scavenging waste and unwanted refuse.

If you see a crow in your dreams, and it is sitting quietly or cawing in a way that does not seem obnoxious, it is a good omen. It means that someone very close will visit your house, and you will accrue profit from the visit.

However, if the cawing of the crow is very jarring to the ear, it is not a good omen, and you are going to face hardships in the coming days. You could be meeting people with whom you don’t have good relations, and such meetings will increase your mental stress. Meeting such people can also fill you with a feeling of negativity.

Crow Eating Something In Dreams

If a person sees the crow eating food in their dreams, it means that their ancestors are at peace and are very happy with them. If the crow is seen eating food items like bread, cereals, wheat, rice, fruits, etc., then it is an auspicious sign. Soon, all troubles are going to end, and financial problems will cease to exist. You may get some work that will put an end to all your troubles.

There is also an ancient legend that talks about the intellect and wisdom of crows. In ancient times, there was an ascetic who always recited Narayan Purana. He was always visited by a person who had a lot of doubts about Lord Narayan and would ask questions repeatedly. The ascetic was often irritated by the constant pestering and questions asked by the person. He finally lost patience and cursed the person to become a bird that would constantly crow and will be viewed with disgust by everyone. The person became a crow, and his doubts have never been cleared to this day.

The ascetic was filled with remorse later. He felt that he had failed as a guru and could not answer the doubts of his students. Though his curse could not be undone, he blessed the crow that for ages, it will be with God and will always have their blessings. He also blessed the crow and all its brethren as KAKBHUSHUNDI. Dream about Crow has been an integral part of divination, and understanding the nuances of these dreams can offer insights into one’s life and future.

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