Does Really God Punish Us?

Does Really God Punish Us

Hello, Friends welcome to Astro Yogendra. In this context, I will explain to you if God really punishes us if we do a remedy incorrectly or if we mispronounce a mantra

When We suggest remedies to various people, some get into great detail.

For example, if I suggest they offer water, they get into too much nitty-gritty like which direction to the water, what to do with the remaining water, what mantra to chant, etc.

When I ask them why they are going into so much detail, they tell me that they are afraid that if they did anything wrong, God will be annoyed and punish them.

Actually, we think God also behaves the same way as us, humans.

For example when we were kids and when we used to do any mistake. We used to get punishment from the parents

We think the same way about God that if we do something wrong, he will punish us.

We should keep one thing in our mind if God also behaves the same way as the humans then who will consider him God.

God is supreme and he is above all.

His thinking is not so narrow-minded

that if you do small mistakes in reciting mantras or doing some remedy, he will get annoyed

God is not listening to your exact pronunciation

Some people are so afraid of reciting mantras and think that something negative will occur if they mispronounced the mantra

God only looks for the devotion

But we get too much into the procedures and karma kaand and forget about devotion

For example, we have to take a pooja thali and these 5 things must be there in the thali and they should be kept in a particular order etc.

These are all procedures and karma kaand

Please keep one thing in your mind. You can do hundreds of procedures and karma kaand

but if you do not have intense devotion in God then all procedures are useless

If you have intense faith in God

Even if you do not follow ANY procedure, God will still love you and listen to your prayers

Many people ask me procedures of many poojas and remedies

And I tell them very clearly

That you have to those remedies or poojas with complete faith and devotion

Whatever procedure you may follow, it doesn’t really matter

God never punishes its loving children

He is supreme energy.

We are all his children

When we do some mistakes, even our biological parents are sometimes so large hearted that they forgive our mistakes

so God is the supreme father. Will he not be so large hearted that he forgives our mistake ?

That is why you should not be so anxious and scared while doing any pooja or remedy.

And you need not go in great detail of every pooja or remedy

The most important thing is your devotion in the God

As far as mantras are concerned,

Recite the mantras correctly as far as possible to the best of your ability

And if you still feel that you are not able to recite the mantra correctly,

then be chilled and relaxed.

Just tell the lord that

I’m doing everything to the best of my ability if I still do any mistake please apologize me

and then continue doing whatever pooja/mantra/remedy that you are doing without any fear

Finally I would like to tell you to be relaxed and cool while doing any mantra or remedy

and with complete faith and devotion

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