Coronavirus Astrology Predictions: Astrologer on Coronavirus, When Will Coronavirus End in India?

Coronavirus Astrology Predictions: Get Astrological Predictions for Coronavirus in India. Astrologer on Coronavirus, When Will Coronavirus End in India Astrology?


We don’t know in regards to the scientists nonetheless our astrologers have predicted the timeline of after we will get some support from this world pandemic which has managed to wreak havoc all through the globe.

Coronavirus Astrology

As a result of the confirmed coronavirus cases in India rises above 500, the fear and panic have elevated too. Of us have started staying dwelling quarantined in order to forestall contracting coronavirus. Our nation started by a screening of us the least bit the airports and now has gone into a complete lockdown in an try to comprise this contagious virus and has carried out half 144 in the entire states which have been affected.

In fairly a couple of states, public transportation has been shut down and even the railway corporations, flights, and airports have been shut down. The novel coronavirus pandemic started from Wuhan, China and went on to unfold the world over and contaminated 170 nations. This stress of coronavirus has no remedy and is contagious and has managed to hunt out it’s a technique to India.

COVID-19 seems to have an extreme mortality cost nonetheless has managed to claim fairly a couple of life all through the globe and researches have acknowledged that folk above the age of 60 are additionally prone to this virus due to their weakened immune system.

Coronavirus pandemic has managed to claim 9 lives in India and fairly a couple of others all through the globe and the best scientists world vast are working exhausting to uncover a remedy that will current of us with some support nonetheless inside the midst of all this chaos and fear, there are fairly a couple of astrologers who’ve started predicting when this pandemic will come to complete.

Now, we’ve come all through books and flicks which have predicted the outbreak of this pandemic nonetheless we haven’t come all through anyone who has predicted the tip of this painful cycle until now. And all of us need some hope to take care of points going whereas we wrestle to comprise this contagious sickness.

Astrological Predictions for Coronavirus

COVID 19 Astrology Predictions, When This Global Pandemic Ends?

renowned Acharya Vinod Kumar has predicted the tip of this chaotic pandemic. In step with his prediction, this virus will begin to fade away in the middle of the summer season on account of heat as a result of it gained’t have the flexibility to survive inside the scorching local weather. Starting from {{the summertime}}, we are able to get some administration over this virus and whereas it’d have unfolded fairly a bit till then, it is believed that spherical September and November coronavirus will come beneath appropriate administration.

He moreover claims that this rationalization for this outbreak is our collective karmic cycle and it’s important that we flip to a simple satvik lifestyle to make our lives greater. He believes that now we have to stop consuming non-veg and keep on with consuming simple vegetarian home-cooked meals and improve our weight-reduction plan. 

Coronavirus Astrology Predictions

COVID 19 Astrology Predictions, When This Global Pandemic Ends?

One different UAE-based renowned astrologer, Acharya Sandeep Bhargava predicted that the coronavirus pandemic will come to an end in May and points will take an optimistic flip and he’s not the one one.

A Dubai primarily based astrologer, Upendra Shastri has claimed that points will get greater in May close to coronavirus.If that wasn’t ample the favored Indian astrology site GaneshaSpeaks has claimed that there is likely to be a sure amount of support starting from 30 March nonetheless points will come appropriately beneath administration solely in the middle of the month of September. From the entire predictions, it seems that evidently summertime will ship some support and positivity and help us battle this pandemic though the scientists have fully totally different opinions.

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