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Get Accurate Free Child Birth Astrology Prediction. When Will I Get Child Birth? How Many Child Will I Have? How to Predict Child Birth From Horoscope?

Childless Couples are one of the most dejected and depressed people on this planet. Having a child in life is an essential part of married life. It gives a new vision to married couples and brings significant life changes. Married couples make a lot of effort to have a healthy child birth.

But there are some couples who, despite many efforts, remain deprived of children and cannot have the joys of parenthood. Even after many attempts to have a child birth, if Childless Couples do not understand the reasons behind it, then these reasons can be revealed with astrology. Horoscope is the mirror of our life; hence, we can know many things about our future.

There are 12 houses in a horoscope, representing different parts of life. One of these houses is responsible for begetting a child birth and studying it, and combining it with the position of other planets; we can deduce the reasons for not having a child. Today we will talk about the problems of Childless Couples and the Yog Sanyog related to them.

Astrology And Child Birth

According to Vedic astrology, the fifth house of our horoscope is responsible for education, intelligence, and children. Hence this house is deeply evaluated along with the position of other planets to know about the continuation of the family tree. If there are good planets in the fifth house of the horoscope, and they are positive, and their degrees are good, then the chances of having a child birth increase. However, along with the fifth house, the position and power of Venus are also studied.

Through the Date of Birth of both husband and wife, you can know all the above information by taking advice from our Expert.

Childless Couples -Impediments In Having A Heir

  • If there are malefic planets in the fifth house, then there may be a delay in having an heir for Childless Couples.
  • The presence of Mars and the Sun in the fifth house can also create problems in having an heir.
  • If any eclipse possibility is in the child’s house i.e., in the fifth house, then the problem arises.
  • Bad Venus in the horoscope is also a problem for married couples.

Childless Couples -Astrological Instances Which Increase the Chances Of Having An Heir

  • When the Mahadasha of the fifth lord and the sub-period of the planet situated in the fifth house begins, the chances of having a child birth increase for Childless Couples.
  • When the planet’s condition in the fifth house in the lunar horoscope starts, the chances of having a child also increase.
  • Dasha of the most powerful planet influencing the 5th house also increases a child’s chances.

Childless Couples -Increase the Chances Of Having An Heir

Many couples or couples have children but also many infertile couples. There is not just science behind pregnancy and childbirth; the role of planets and house lords in a birth chart cannot be ignored. Santan Yog Jyotish is a branch of astrology; it includes all the information about Santan Yog and measures to get an heir.

  • Childless Couples must pray for a healthy child by worshiping Shiva’s family i.e., Lord Ganesh and Lord Shiva and Parvati.
  • Worshiping the picture of Lord Krishna’s child form can also bless you with a healthy child.
  • Reciting Santan Gopal is also an excellent way to get blessed with a progeny.

Role of Houses and Planets in Santana Yoga

The 5th house in the birth chart is responsible for children. When various planets (most importantly, Jupiter and Moon) sit in the 5th house and the ruler or controlling planet of the 5th house and the ruling Lord of the 5th house significantly impact the Santana Yoga. The combinations of planets that make the birth of a child for Childless Couples are as follows.

  • Putra Saham – As there is Mrityu Saham (planetary conjunction indicating death) or Pardesh Saham (foreign travel yoga), so is Putra Saham (planetary conjunction indicating the birth of a child). The combination of Jupiter and Moon determines the possibility of having an heir. When Jupiter transits Putra Saham, it makes an auspicious time for progeny.
  • Beej Sphut (Sperm) for males or men – The combination of the Sun, Jupiter, and Venus directly affects the mobility and fertility of sperm. The planet Venus represents sperm. Jupiter is the factor that shows children. And the Sun is the factor that represents the father. All these planets, when strong together, indicate high Santana yoga.
  • The field for female or female Sphut (eggs) –Even if the seed sprout is very fruitful or fertile, if the field sprout is weak, there will be no progeny. This combination of Mars, Moon, and Jupiter indicates the possibility of having children in women.

Things To Remember For Childless Couples

Conception Date (Date Of Conception)

Now that Childless Couples know which planetary combinations are responsible for the birth of a child, the next thing you need to know in Santana Yoga astrology is conception. There are different auspicious times (dates) for the birth of a healthy child, which are as follows:

  • Role of Menstrual Cycle – According to natal astrology, conception between the 4th or 4th and 16th or 16th night of a menstrual cycle leads to a healthy child birth.
  • Sex of the child – A boy is born in case of pregnancy between the even nights of the menstrual cycle, and a girl is born in case of pregnancy in odd nights.
  • Most auspicious dates for robust conception – 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, and 13 are lucky dates for conception. This eradicates the possibility of miscarriage.
  • Most Auspicious Nakshatras for Conception – According to Santana Yoga Astrology, all the 7 fixed Nakshatras (Mrigashira, Anuradha, Hasta, Shravanam, Dhanishtha, Swati, and Satabhisha) are highly auspicious for conception.
  • Days that are good for conception – A child conceived on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday is considered very lucky.
  • Auspicious ascendant for pregnancy – All auspicious planets that increase the chances of conception should be in triangles or centers in the birth chart. And all malefic planets should be in the 3rd, 6th, or 11th house.

Role Of 5th House Or House (House For Birth In Astrology) In Detail

Prashna Shastras in the 5th house or house not only indicate delivery but also guarantee a pregnancy. Various planetary combinations in the 5th house that ensure a child birth are as follows.

  • Relationship between the Lord of the 5th house and the Moon.
  • Relationship between Jupiter and the ruling planet of the 5th house or the lord of the 5th house.
  • A benefic planet in the 5th or 11th houses.
  • Presence of Mercury in Prashna Lagna.
  • Mars, Sun, Moon, and Venus are simultaneously in houses related to each other.
  • Moon and the ascendant lord are sitting together in the 5th house.
  • Being the ruling lord of the 5th house in Shirshodaya.
  • Strong Venus in the 5th house.
  • Rahu is sitting in Chaitra Rashi.
  • Sitting of Rahu in Arudh lagna.

Childless Couples -Things To Remember

  • If the ascendant lord is debilitated for any reason, the male child will be born with some defect.
  • If the lord or the ruling lord of Arudha Lagna is 9 places away from Arudha Lagna and sets, then a girl child is born with some defect.
  • If Moon or Ascendant lord is in the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th house, and due to this, Itthashala Yoga is formed in the 5th house, there will be no child.

Remedies for Childless Couples according to Santan Yog astrology

Astrology has solutions to all kinds of defects and problems resulting from planetary positions. And not having a child is no different from these problems. According to Vedic astrology, the most effective 2 remedies for childlessness or no child or repeated death of children at an early age are mentioned below-

  • Bury an earthen pot filled with honey or honey in the crematorium on Tuesday.
  • When a child is born with delicate health, distribute things made of salt instead of sweets and dress the child in old clothes.

Of all the 12 zodiac signs, Cancer is the most fruitful or fertile.

Role of Astrologer Advice

As we have seen that the delay or no child birth may bring several hardships in one’s life, hence the solution is a must in this matter to lead a happy life. Only an expert can suggest you the suitable remedies for a person by analyzing the horoscope of that person thoroughly. Without correct advice, a person can’t get rid of the troubles that he is facing in life. Our experts do all the calculations, listens to you carefully, and then only responds without misguiding you at all. our astrologers give you lasting relief through the best possible ways.

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