How to Remove Bhakoot Dosha?

What is Bhakoot Dosha?

During the matchmaking of a girl and a boy out of a total of eight Koot/Asht, Bhakoot is the 7th aspect and carries a total of 7 points. Bhakoot basically shows the balance in understanding, devotion, mindset, thoughts, and happiness between a couple. If Bhakoot Dosha is figured out during the matchmaking then the remedies must be done in order to lead a happy married life with the partner. Bhakoot Dosha is completely based on the Moon Sign of the couple and by the Moon sign, the compatibility is calculated out of total 7 points.

Formation of Bhakoot Dosha

The Bhakoot Dosh is formed when the couple has contradictory Moon signs. There are three ways through which the Bhakoot Dosha may occur.

  1. If the Moon signs of the couple are 2nd and 12th from each other.
  2. If the Moon signs of the couple are 5th and 9th from each other.
  3. If the Moon signs of the couple are 6th and 8th from each other.

In these rules there are exceptions as well. Like if the two signs are having same lord then the problems won’t be such.

For example: If two people are having their Moon signs as Aries-Scorpio or if they’re Taurus-Libra or if they’re Capricorn-Aquarius, then they are the exception and expected to lead a happy married life because the lords of their Moon Signs are same.

Whenever two people start their life together, then the position of their Moon signs from each other indicates that how will be their relationship with each other and what kind of opinions will both of them have for each other.

Effects of Bhakoot Dosha

Effects of Bhakoot Dosh

For different kinds of Moon sign relationships, the effects will be different. Like

  • For the 2nd-12th relationship, there will be major financial problems in a couple’s life.
  • For the 5th- 9th relationship there will be progeny (childbirth) related issues.
  • And lastly, for the 6th- 8th relationship there will be major health-related problems in the couple.

The following effects are also noticed- Accidents, Bitter arguments, separation among family members, emotional disturbance, lack of sense of responsibility for each other.

Remedies to Remove Bhakoot Dosha

  • The Pooja for the Bhakoot Dosha can be performed.
  • Chanting of Mahamrityunjay Mantra followed by Havan.
  • Gemstones based on people’s horoscope.
  • There are several other remedies as well based on the individual’s horoscope and the nature of problems.

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Role of Astrologer Advice

As we have seen that the Bhakoot Dosha may bring several hardships in one’s life, hence the solution is a must in this matter to lead a happy life. Only an expert can suggest you the suitable remedies for a person by analyzing the horoscope of that person thoroughly. Without correct advice, a person can’t get rid of the troubles that he is facing in life. Our experts do all the calculations, listens to you carefully, and then only responds without misguiding you at all. our astrologers give you lasting relief through the best possible ways.

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