The 10 Best Astrology Books in 2022, According to Astrologers


Astrology has existed for ages to assist us in better comprehending who we are. Depending on an individual’s birth chart, astrologers can learn important details about them, such as their character, passions, and even challenges, by looking at the planets and cosmos.

This understanding can be incredibly empowering, helping us to make sense of feelings or impulses that might otherwise seem contradictory. Even important professional decisions or learning what types of connections make us feel the happiest might be aided by astrological assessments.

The abundance of astrology-related publications and resources available can be intimidating for individuals who are eager to learn about it more, especially given how much its popularity has grown recently. I talked to several astrologers to get their recommendations for the greatest astrology books, and they suggested anything from beginning volumes to in-depth studies of birth chart compatibility and transits.

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Beginner Astrology Books

1. A New Look At Mercury Retrograde

Author: Robert Williamson
This book clarifies every aspect of this inaccurate astrological occurrence, including how it connects to your horoscope based on the sign and house it falls under. You can get this book from Amazon for $14.95

2. The Houses, Temple of the Sky

Author: Deborah Houlding
This book provides knowledge related to house systems and astrological houses in-depth. You can get this book from Amazon for $18.70

3. Planets in Transit

Author: Robert Hand
This book is solely dedicated to planetary placements and their transits. You can get this book from Amazon for $26.99

4. How to co-create using the second language of the Universe

Author: Pam Gregory
If you are someone who is confused regarding choosing paths of life and deciding what destiny has for you, then this book is all you need. You can get this book from Amazon for $12.99.

5. Chant Interpretation Handbook

Author: Stephan Arroyo
If you are a beginner and want to interpret, and understand birth charts, this book fits best for you. You can get this book from Amazon for $12.41

6. Heaven Knows What

Author: Grant Lewi
This book is excellent if you want to understand Moon and Sun combination and its effect and consequences. You can get this book from Amazon for $34.82

7. Astrology for Real Life, A workbook for beginners

Author: Theresa Reed
If you are a beginner, then this book is perfect for you. Being a hands-on astrology workbook, it will surely help you in practicing stuff. You can get this book from Amazon for $13.99

8. The Essential Guide to Understanding Practical Astrology

Author: April Elliott Kent
This books helps in providing you a practical knowledge for understanding minute things related to astrology. You can get this book from Amazon for $16.95


Advanced Astrology Books

9. Planets in Composite

Author: Robert Hand
This book is a complete guide if you want to understand the compatibility of relationships taking the help of astrology. You can get this book from Amazon for $17.99.

10. Vocations

Author: Noel Tyl
If you are confused regarding which career path to choose or which goals to achieve, then this book is your lifesaver. You can get this book from Amazon for $19.95.

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