Sarpa Dosha: Baby Born With Umbilical Cord Around Neck? What Are Its Ramifications?

Does Your Baby Born With Umbilical Cord Around Neck? You Have to Worry About It? Rahu and Ketu Effect So Much Your Child.

As per the ancient Hindu or Vedic Astrology, a child who has been born with umbilical cord wound around its neck is considered to precipitate ill luck. Ancient sages have compared the umbilical cord around the neck to a snake that is choking a person. In Vedic Astrology lingo the situation is dubbed as Nali Veshthita’.

Indians are well knowledgeable about Rahu and Ketu. Rahu represents the head of a snake while Ketu represents the remaining part of the reptile. Both Rahu and Ketu are the embodiments of evil and ill omens. As per astrology if the baby is carrying the Nali Veshthita Dosha, then his horoscope will have evil effects on both Rahu and Ketu, and their presence will also affect the whole family and even the clan. The evil effects have been recorded and regardless of skeptics who doubt it, there is a clear possibility of the Dosha precipitating a crisis.

The Umbilical cord is the lifeline between the mother and the fetus. When the umbilical cord is stuck around the neck it chokes the vital supply of nutrients and life-giving oxygen. The baby is starved of Oxygen and turns blue and it also has a loss of sleep. The condition precipitates a crisis and trauma situation either while it is gestating in the womb or when it makes its detour in the world for the first time. It has been seen that such babies later develop many health complications such as Asthma, Blood Pressure or cardiovascular diseases.

Umbilical Cord Around Neck: Reasons For Sarpa Dosha in Horoscope

The Sarpa Dosha can be precipitated by several causes and the dosha is even carried in the later births of the person. Here are some of the causes which can precipitate this terrible Dosha-

  • Cremation of the dead person is not being conducted according to rituals proscribed by scriptures.
  • No cremation has been done.
  • Last rites are conducted by strangers and not by blood relatives.
  • The outcome of deeds by ancestors or by self includes black magic and occult activities.
  • Killing snakes or Reptiles, and terminating pregnancy will also lead to the Sarpa dosha.
  • Another cause of Sarpa Dosha includes accidental death, poisoning, or suicide. Death caused by terror activities like a bomb blast where cremation is not possible with all the body parts.

Badhaka Rashi

The fortunes of a person are determined by the motion of the planets and the direction in which the planets are moving also has a big bearing on the fortunes of a person. Many of us wonder what the future is in store for us. Rest assured that the movement of the planets inevitably has a big bearing on every person’s life. Sometimes these planets bring good tiding while sometimes it brings bad news. Astrology reveals that the following four-star signs are the most powerful of all the 12 zodiacs.


Aries is included in the most powerful zodiac signs in the world, this is because Lord Shiva himself is a worshiper of Aries and no one can be more powerful than Shiva. Aries is the first zodiac sign in this cycle of twelve zodiac signs. Let us tell you that the lord of this zodiac is Mars and hence the people of this zodiac are the most powerful and have amazing work abilities. That is why Aries is considered more powerful.

Leo sun sign

The name Leo is also included in the most powerful zodiac signs. Significantly, the worshipers of the Leo zodiac are also Sun God and Sun God can burn anyone with his fire, so in this sense, he is considered a powerful God. This is the reason why these two zodiac signs are the most powerful in the world.


You will be surprised to know that just like Aries, Scorpio is also ruled by Mars. Due to Mars being the lord of this zodiac, the natives of this zodiac are very courageous and fearless. They do not miss taking any risks in life and since they are under the shadow of Mars, they get success in all their work. Based on their hard work and dedication, the people of this zodiac become very powerful and get success in every work. Let us tell you that the people of the Scorpio zodiac are not afraid of doing any work because they dare to do all these works themselves. That’s why this zodiac is also considered very lucky as compared to the other twelve zodiac signs.


After this comes Capricorn, the people of this zodiac are also counted among the luckiest people. Saturn is the lord of Capricorn, which has been given a special place among the planets. Since Shani is the lord of Capricorn, therefore the people of this zodiac are blessed by Lord Shani. The most special thing about the people of this zodiac is that they are full of self-confidence and Shani leads them. People of this zodiac are successful in achieving success in every field based on their hard work and dedication. Due to the special blessings of Shani on the people of this zodiac, no one can harm them even against their will.

Formation Of Sarpa Dosha in Horoscope

The position of Rahu and Ketu is the precipitating factor that causes Kaal Sarpa Dosha. However, many Astrologers are skeptical about the Kaal Sarpa Dosha. Therefore let us delve deeper into the phenomenon called Kaal Sarpa Dosh and its remedies.

According to astrology, the formation of Kaal Sarp Dosh depends on the position of Rahu and Ketu in the horoscope. However, many astrologers do not believe in Kaal Sarp Yog. Let us know what is Kalsarp Dosh and what is the solution for its prevention.

The positions of Rahu and Ketu are face-to-face in a person’s birth cycle. Both remain at 180 degrees. If the remaining seven planets are on one side of Rahu-Ketu and there is no planet on the other side, then in such a situation Kalsarp Yoga is formed. This is called Kalsarp Dosh. However, utmost care should be taken while determining Kalsarp Yog.

Symptoms of Kalsarpa Yoga

  • The person often sees a snake in his dreams.
  • Not getting desired success in work even after hard work.
  • Suffering from mental stress.
  • Not being able to take the right decision.
  • Discordant family life.
  • . Having secret enemies. Obstruction in work.

Kalsarpa Dosha Remedies

  • The best remedy for Kalsarp Dosh is to perform Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva in the month of Shravan.
  • . Sugar candy and milk should be offered on Shivling. Along with this, it is best to recite Shiv Tandav Stotra daily.
  • Worship Lord Krishna’s idol with peacock feathers daily at the place of worship in your home.
  • Offer a pair of snakes and a serpent made of silver in the flowing water.
  • To get rid of Kalsarp Dosh, do Rahu’s peace remedy at night. Worship Rahu in the Shiva temple at night or during Rahukaal.Sarpa Dosha Impact, Puja and Remedies