Astrology: Baby Born With Umbilical Cord Around Neck? What Does It Mean?

Does Your Baby Born With Umbilical Cord Around Neck? You Have to Worry About It? Rahu and Ketu Effect So Much Your Child.

Umbilical Cord Around Neck

According to Hindu / Vedic Astrology, a newly born baby who took birth with the Umbilical Cord revolved around the neck is being considered as inauspicious. Umbilical Cord around the neck of a baby is a symbol of a snake strangling it to suffocation. People knowing Vedic Astrology calls this by name of ‘Nali Veshthita’. In Vedic Astrology, Rahu considered as the head of the snake, and Ketu denotes the rest of the body. As per astrological belief, such a baby carries the mal effects of Rahu and Ketu in their horoscope. Naga Dosha must exist in the horoscope of such a baby or there must have a presence such malefic yoga in their family, which afflicts the chart of the baby. Skeptics may refuse to believe in such things, but it is a truth and also have proven records to furnish.

According to Medical Science and Medical Astrology due to such a situation, the newly born baby can’t breathe properly as the cord revolved around the neck and the baby turns into blue colour due to the insufficiency of oxygen, which makes discomfort to sleep. As per Medical Science, such a situation leads the neonate to an extremely infelicitous state. which may carry to an unfortunate conclusion for both the baby and the family. Those babies who deal with such trauma condition either in the belly of the mother or during the time of delivery, usually become asthmatic or patient of hypertension or heart disease.

Reasons For Sarpa Dosha in Horoscope

Vedic Astrology gives multiple reasons why Sarpa Dosha is formed in a horoscope, which effects a person even after his death. Here are some reasons for which Sarpa Dosha exists in a person’s horoscope.

  • Improper or no cremation of a person after death.
  • The cremation did very late by strangers but not blood relatives etc.
  • Though occult or black magic activities done by ancestors and self-made mistakes in previous lives.
  • Not mean to just kill snakes or reptiles but killing an unborn child (abortion) will have the same effect.
  • Death through accident, murder, suicide, poisoning, body tearing into pieces in a bomb blast, cremating without complete body parts.

Badhaka Rashi

Before going to talk about the conditions I wish to inform about Badhaka Rasi which is a very important topic to understand the conditions. Badhaka Rasi forms based on the Nature of 12 zodiac signs.

NatureZodiac SignsBadhak HouseBadhak Rashi
MovableAries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn11th from AscendantAquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio
FixedTaurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius9th from AscendantCapricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra
DualGemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces7th from AscendantCapricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra

Formation Of Sarpa Dosha in Horoscope

There are some conditions based on the planet positions which indicates existence of Sarpa Doshain the native’s horoscope. Those conditions are as follows:

  • Rahu and Mangal in the eighth house from Ascendant.
  • Mangal and Rahu in the Badhaka Rasi.
  • Rahu and Mangal in the eighth, Rahu occupying the Badhaka Rasi.
  • Rahu occupying the Badhaka Rasi in conjunction with Saturn or aspected by Saturn.

Effects Of Sarpa Dosha

In Sarpa Dosha Ketu follows Rahu while giving the worse effects, some effects are mentioned beneath.

  • Frequent abortions, low sperm count, or impotency.
  • Frequent hospitalization or surviving lifetime on medicines.
  • Multiple failures in attempts to get married and late marriages.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, Cancer, Kidney Stones, Weaker Liver, or Pancreas.
  • Giving birth of a kid who is especially able by means of the slow growth of brain and intelligence.
  • Haunted by evil spirits and frequently effected by nightmares, occult, or magic done by others.
  • Ketu in the Ascendant called Manglya Sarpa Dosha causes a delay in marriage.
  • Ketu in the 2nd house called Aayurbhava Sarpa Dosha creates longevity problems.
  • Ketu in the 11th house called Putra bhava, Sarpa Dosha causes progeny related problems.
  • Rahu occupying the 8th from Ascendant in conjunction with or aspected by Saturn.
  • Rahu occupying the 8th house from Ascendant and conjunction with or aspected by Saturn.
  • If Rahu or Ketu is in the Ascendant, 2nd, 5th, 7th, or 8th house, it is generally said to have Sarpa dosha.

Sarpa Dosha Impact, Puja and Remedies

It is widely believed that the childless couples will be blessed with a child if they observe the Naga Panchami Vrata. Those who read the story from the Sarpa Satra or Sarpa Yaga from Mahabharata on the day of Naga Panchami after worshipping Sarpas will be greatly relieved from the problems due to Sarpa Dosha.

  1. When Rahu is in a Movable Sign the cause for the serpents’ anger is the destruction of serpent eggs.

The traditional remedy is the donation of small golden eggs to the deity. The number of golden eggs relates to the Badhaka House; 11 eggs for moveable Ascendant, 9 eggs for fixed Ascendant, and 7 eggs for dual Ascendant. In a modern interpretation, the Movable Sign represents the destruction of ecosystem breeding grounds and one can donate to an organization which works to improve this part of the environment. The number of golden eggs would indicate the proper amount to give in donation instead.

  1. Rahu in a Fixed Sign indicates the serpents are angry due to the cutting of trees (dispirited nature destroyed).

The traditional remedy is the replanting of trees. In the traditional sacred plantation, whenever a tree has removed another tree was planted right away. In the present scenario there are many reforestation projects are there, where one may donate or plant trees themselves.

  1. When Rahu is in a dual sign it indicates the killing of the young serpents.

The traditional remedy is to offer small golden snakes in the number according to the Ascendant. The modern interpretation of this is that karma relates to the destruction of an ecosystem where the young animals, serpents, birds, etc. mature and live. The modern remedy would be the support of conservation programs.


The above said rules are seem too big to remember and if we think properly then we’ll find that every second person is suffering from such a serious dosha. As per astrology, Yogas and/or Doshas are rare phenomenon and not found present often in every horoscope. Hence may assumed that Sarpa Dosha is not formed according to its prevalent definitions. There should be more conditions which needs to be met in order for the formation. If such dosha once formed in a horoscope, the strength of this dosha, the fields of native’s life which are going to be hit by this dosha and the timing of impact of this dosha should also be calculated before making final prediction. The malefic effects of Sarpa Dosha can be rectified or reduced with the application of astrological remedies.

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