Mercury Transit in Leo 9 August 2021: Mercury will transit in Leo today, know what precaution, you should take?

The next 17 days will be very special for Leo’s natives. Because Mercury is going to transit in Leo’s house. This transit of Mercury will affect the Pisces from Aries. However, the Mercury Transit in Leo 9 August 2021 will have the greatest impact on the leo. This is because Mercury, currently in the constellation of Cancer, is about to enter Leo’s house.

The nature of Mercury

Mercury has a special status in astrology. Mercury is known as the Prince of Planets. Mercury is also a causative agent of trade. He is also considered to be a reducer of traffic, communication, speech, logic, law, marketing, stock market, medicine, writing, commerce, etc. In addition to this, Mercury is also known as the lord and protector of the merchants. The planet Mercury has a kirpan, an axe and a shield in its hand. His ride on a winged leo.

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The transit of Mercury on the first Monday of Shravan

According to the calendar, Mercury Transit In Leo 2021 is transiting its house on August 09, 2021, the first Monday of the month of Shravan. Mondays are of special importance during the Shravan Masa. This is a week dedicated to Lord Shiva. Thus, Mercury’s sinfulness is blamed on the worship of Lord Shiva.

Mercury Transit 2021 Time

According to astrological calculations, this transit of Mercury will take place on August 09, 2021, at 1:23 pm. Mercury will remain in the Leo until August 26, 2021. Later, Mercury will enter the Virgo house.

Mercury transits in Leo will give better results in education, employment, career and business. The influence of your van is going to increase. This is a good time to invest. During this period, the Leo natives can make investments, especially in view of the future. Mercury can be very beneficial to you in financial terms. Take special care of health during these visible times. There is no carelessness in terms of health.

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