Mangal Dosha: What is Mangal Dosh? Know how to overcome it

Mangal Dosha: According to astrology, the strength of Mangal in the horoscope gives a person might, happiness and wealth. Due to mangal, good relations with younger brothers and sisters are strengthened. According to the belief, if there is Mangal dosh in the horoscope, there is a possibility of lack of harmony between husband and wife, legal problems, debt problem and serious injury. Therefore, many astrological remedies have been given to make mangal beneficial and to overcome its effects. Let us know about them:

What is Mangal Dosha?

According to astrology, if Mangal is placed in the fourth house, ascendant house, seventh house, eighth house or twelfth house of one’s horoscope, then it is considered as Mangal Dosha.

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Remedies for Mangal Dosha

  1. To overcome this dosha, tie the fennel in a red cloth and keep it in your bedroom.
  2. Whenever a person affected by Mangal Dosh gets his house built, he must have red stone installed in the house.
  3. Offering sweets to brothers also helps in getting rid of this Dosha.
  4. Taking a red cloth, tie two handfuls of lentils in it and donate it to a beggar on Tuesday.
  5. On Tuesday, taking vermilion from the feet of Hanumanji and applying its vaccine on the forehead ends Mangal Dosh.
  6. By feeding jaggery and gram to monkeys, you can get relief from Mangal Dosh.
  7. By respecting your siblings and ancestral property, this dosha will be freed.
  8. Planting red flower plants or trees in your house and taking care of them also gets rid of this Dosha.
  9. Mangal Dosh is also removed by worshiping Lord Hanuman ji continuously. He is the troubleshooter, the remover of all sorrows and troubles.

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