Maa Durga In Dream Meaning

Maa Durga In Dream Meaning

Maa Durga in dream, Lakshmi, and other goddesses also give these special signs. Many meanings of dreams are considered in our life, these dreams are also linked to our future. It is believed that dreams are signs of life in a way, which gives information about coming good days to future calamities.

Seeing a cow in a dream or eating and drinking something, seeing a snake, and many such things give us a special indication of our future. But do you know that the appearance of God and Goddess in dream also gives us many types of gestures related to the future?

According to experts, dreams never happen just like that. Even according to medical science, they are the result of the things going on in our minds.

On the other hand, if we believe in the dream book, then it indicates signs of good-bad changes in life. Similarly, the things seen in dreams also have different meanings.

Maa Durga In Dream Meaning

If you see Goddess Durga in your dream, then it is very auspicious to see her. According to the dream book, if the mother goddess is seen smiling in red clothes, then understand that something good is going to happen in your life. This can happen in any field. Unmarried can get married. Married people are blessed with offspring or the unemployed can get employment.

On the other hand, if Goddess Durga is seen on a lion and the lion is roaring, then this dream indicates some problems are bound to occur in the coming tiles. In such a situation, as a remedy, we should try to please Goddess Durga by worshiping her, so that the coming problems can be resolved.

Maa Durga In Dream: Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi has been given a special place even in the dream book. In such a situation, seeing mother Lakshmi in a dream is considered a symbol of happiness and prosperity. According to belief, seeing Goddess Lakshmi in one’s dream is a sign of monetary gain. Not only this, if you do business, then it is also considered to be a sign of profit.

Goddess Bhagwati

According to the dream book, if Goddess Bhagwati is seen riding on lions. So, this is also a kind of auspicious sign. It means that the bad time going on in your life is going to end now. Times will change soon and everything will be better in your life.

On the other hand, if only lions or tigers are seen in the dream that is roaring at you, then it is not considered auspicious, in such a situation recitation of Durga Chalisa or Durga Saptashati is considered best. The reason for this is that the lion or tiger is the vehicle of Maa Durga.

Maa Durga In Dream: Goddess Parvati

Along with this, it is very auspicious to see Goddess Parvati in the dream. According to the dream book, seeing mother Parvati in a dream means that success is going to come in your efforts. Education or business, in whatever field you are working, you are going to get progress.

Maa Durga In Dream: Maa Kali

The meaning of seeing Maa Kali is neither auspicious nor inauspicious. According to the dream book, if you see the Maa Kali in your dream, it means that you are afraid of something. It is said that seeing this form of Goddess Bhagwati is a sign that you are very worried about something. No mystery of life is being solved. This is the reason why this form of Mother Goddess is visible.

Maa Durga In Dream In Black Clothes

It is not considered auspicious to see the Mother Goddess in black clothes in a dream. According to the dream book, if Goddess Durga appears in white or black clothes, or appears crying or sad. So this is not a good sign. It means that your bad time is about to begin. In such a situation, it would be better that you remember the Goddess. Do good deeds so that you get the courage to deal with bad times.

Under this remedy, you should give full respect to women, love daughters, and always keep pronouncing the mantra of Mother Goddess correctly in your mind. Apart from this, you can get relief to some extent by doing Durga Saptashati and Durga Chalisa.

Dreaming is a normal process. We all see many types of dreams in our lifetime. It is written in dream science that dreams give us an indication of the future to come and some meaning is hidden behind them. Many times, we see Gods and Goddesses in our dreams. Many people are scared to see God in dreams, but according to dream science, like other dreams, these dreams also alert us about the good and bad events that will happen in our future.


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