Effects of Sun placed in 5th house of the birth chart – Full Explained

The Sun situated in the 5th House gives you the proper knowledge of virtue, and you always follow virtue. You are intelligent but anger often overpowers you. As a result, your image among people can become that of an angry person. People may be impressed by your wit. You can be a good writer or consultant.

The Sun placed in the 5th House can create a strange situation in your life, if your health will not be good then your business will go well. On the contrary, if your business will go well then your health may be affected. The Sun placed in 5th House can give you problems related to children.

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The attainment of a son child is very late, but after the birth of a son, there is a lot of progress in all areas of life. Your children are meritorious and bring praise to the family. Along with getting angry over small things, you can also remain worried or sad about a bye.

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Sun planet has special importance in astrology. In Hinduism, Sun is worshipped as a deity. It is the largest natural source of energy on earth. According to Vedic astrology, Sun is considered the father of stars. The distance from Earth to the Sun is the shortest after Mercury and Venus respectively. Its size is much larger than all the planets. It is centrally located in the solar system. Although astronomically the Sun is a star. But it is an important and prominent planet in Vedic astrology. The Sun plays an important role in the study of the birth chart.

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