Effects of Sun placed in 4th house of birth chart

Sun has special importance in astrology. In Vedic astrology, Sun is considered the father of stars. In whose horoscope the Sun planet is placed in the 4th house, such a person can be financially prosperous.

The Sun sitting here gives the native the tendency to save money. The Sun God sitting in the 4th house of the horoscope makes the person handsome, but such people may remain worried about some kind. The Sun sitting here can also deprive the native of the service of his parents. Such people either cannot serve the parents due to being away from the family or there may be estrangement with the parents.

This position of the Sun in the horoscope is not considered good for brothers as well. It is said that this position of the Sun creates obstacles in the mutual harmony of the brothers of the natives.

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This position of the Sun can make the native eager to acquire secret knowledge. Many times such people do not give much importance to their native land, but such people are also afraid of the thought of harming someone. This position of the Sun makes the person travel many times during his lifetime, which can also benefit the person a lot of money. The Sun sitting in the 4th house gives a special benefit to the native in the business of gold and silver.

The Sun sitting in the 4th house gives enthusiasm to the natives to do something new, if such people do some work related to research, then they get special benefits. The Sun sitting here also makes the native curious about the wrong kind of addiction at times. If such people get any kind of bad addiction, then the natives have great difficulty in giving up such addiction.

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According to Vedic astrology, the natives in whose horoscope the Sun is placed in the fourth house, they should stay away from any kind of greed, otherwise, such people may have to face financial troubles. Such natives may have some problem from the in-laws’ side and such natives may also have to face some kind of problem-related to eyes.

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