Effects of Sun in 3rd house of the birth chart – Full Explained

Sun has a special significance in the horoscope of any person. The Sun placed in the 3rd house of the horoscope gives a special kind of attraction to the native. Such people are very powerful and due to this behaviour, they can easily do many tasks.

Any person whose Sun is situated in the 3rd house of the horoscope can have a special interest in astrology and mathematics. Sometimes such people also develop a special attachment towards poetry. The Sun sitting in the third house makes the personal prestigious and majestic in the state.

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The Sun sitting in the 3rd house makes the native strength and prestige. But the Sun sitting here sometimes reduces the number of brothers of the natives. The Sun sitting in this house gives the ability of education to the native.

Such a person can become a teacher or professor. The Sun sitting in the 3rd house of the horoscope sometimes makes the person do some work related to mental skills. If such people choose any work or business-related software, then they can get huge profits.

The Sun sitting in the 3rd house does not give any harmful effect of any kind to the native. If the Sun planet comes under the sight of any other malefic planet or under the malefic influence of any other planet, it can sometimes cause character defects in the natives.

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In such a situation, some bad habits can also come in the native, he may get some trouble from theft or maternal uncle or neighbours. The Sun sitting here sometimes creates obstacles in the cooperation of the people working under the native.

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