Budh Gochar 2021: Mercury has changed its speed, big loss to these 3 zodiac signs

Budh Gochar 2021: Mercury is considered a very auspicious planet in Vedic astrology. Mercury, the factor of intelligence, speech, business and consciou...

Budh Gochar 2021: Mercury is considered a very auspicious planet in Vedic astrology. Mercury, the factor of intelligence, speech, business and consciousness, changed its zodiac on 26 August. After leaving the Leo sign, Mercury has transited in Virgo. After staying in this sign till 22nd September, Mercury will move to Libra. The transit of Mercury gives auspicious results, but if it is placed in the sixth, the eighth and twelfth house then it also gives negative results. Here We know from the Budh Gochar 2021 who will benefit from this transit of Mercury and who is likely to suffer loss.


With the effect of transit, you will be able to do better in the field. This transit will give auspicious results to those working in craftsman, accountancy or any management industry. Boss and senior officers will highly appreciate your way of working. At this time you will appear very active and alert to discharge your duties successfully. However, the effect of this transit will have a negative effect on your health. Fatigue and physical pain may increase.

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Mercury’s transit will improve your communication skills. You will be able to explain your side to people and earn favourable results and praise from it. However, you need to be very careful in terms of money. Any kind of lending and transaction at this time can give you a loss. This transit period will be especially good for the students. During this, you will be analytical in your education and will show complete concentration.


During this transit, Gemini will get better results. You will be able to enjoy a better environment in family life because during this time the unity among the family members will be clearly visible. Will be very protective of family. If you were planning to invest in land or property, then the time is favourable for that. This time will also be good for the people who are associated with the family business. Your image and prestige will improve among senior officers and bosses.


Due to effect of Budh Gochar 2021, Your popularity among friends and close friends will increase due to the effect of the transit. Your expression will also improve at this time and people will be seen taking your advice and guidance. It is an auspicious time for people associated with telecommunication, journalism, transport and the media industries. In the workplace, you will do every work in a fair and legitimate way, while in your personal life also you will be seen trying to work with some justice and fairness.


This time will be auspicious for you in terms of financial life. Your income will increase. The employed people will also get many good opportunities of salary increase or getting higher during this period. For business people too, the time is looking good and prosperous. At this time they will earn good profits, due to which their financial condition will be better. You will be able to monetize more than one source during this period.


This transit is going to affect you the most. You have to be very careful at this time due to the transit of Mercury in your ascendant house. You may also have to bear some financial loss due to carelessness. You will have to work hard during this period, only then you will get you success. You will participate enthusiastically in every party and function, you will become the centre of attraction among the people. The transit is going to be good for business people.


This transit is going to be full of ups and downs for the people of the Scorpio zodiac. There are chances of getting money from various sources, but you may have to face some stress in your personal life. You will try to diversify your income and make good investments. While spending time with your friends, you will also be able to get their support, during this you will also get the support of relatives. It is advised to stay away from any illegal activities like gambling, betting.


This position of Mercury will bring an increase in your enthusiasm. You will be seen doing every task with passion and enthusiasm to achieve the goal in your life. You will be very confident and courageous in the field of work, due to which you will get immense success and prestige in every work. You will try to improve your prestige and image in the workplace. According to hard work, you will get success. There is a possibility of promotion and promotion.

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You will go on many journeys during this transit, due to which you will get favourable results. If you work from home, then the time will be auspicious for you. However, some natives may have disputes with their superiors. There is a need to avoid disputes and quarrels at the workplace. You are advised to be careful with your words during this period. Keep yourself away from all office politics too. During this time your enemies will be active, who will continuously try to tarnish your image.


This transit of Mercury will be favourable for the people studying PhD, philosophers and researchers. You will get good benefits in education. During this period, you are likely to make money from any property. Those people who are associated with the agriculture and mining industry, their careers will increase. So the people associated with astrology and psychology will also get the blessings of Mercury. Time will be favourable for the people who are in love. Healthwise, you are advised to be a little more cautious.


This transit is going to be auspicious for married people. During this time you will get extra love and support from your spouse. At the same time, the understanding and relationship between the two of you will also improve, due to which you will be seen respecting each other. This transit will also help your spouse to move ahead in their career, as a result of which they will be able to achieve progress in their field of work. Overall, this transit is going to be favourable for married natives.