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Astrologer Yogendra Ji

Founder & CEO of Company

In today’s world of cutthroat competition, Astrologer Yogendra ji is a beacon of hope. Yogendra ji has many achievements to his name, but the most significant achievement has been his knowledge of Vedic Astrology, which even the science acknowledges as something based on a solid scientific foundation. 

Astrologer Yogendra ji has studied Vedas and has been consulted by over 1 Lakh+ customers. Astrologer Yogendra ji is helping souls come out of despair and rejuvenate their lives to achieve success. Astrologer Yogendra is on a mission to help 10 Lakh+ unfortunate souls achieve happiness and prosperity. He has clientele from various parts of the world.

Astrologer Yogendra Private Limited is the leading astrology media brand. With personalized readings and a vast library of astrology information, our site has the most to offer our customers.

Astrologer Yogendra Private Limited offers cutting edge content, fresh daily horoscopes, detailed astrology reports, and a hyper-personalized subscription service, Astrologer Yogendra Private Limited Coming from a team who loves astrology as much as you do, Astrologer Yogendra Private Limited is the first service to offer birth chart analysis, live Q&As, and personalized moon reports—all in one place!

Astrologer Yogendra started this firm to serve humanity by his knowledge and 20+ years of experience into Astrology. We believe and it’s a universal truth Astrology is also a kind of science or we can a step ahead of science. We study universe to make any prediction and provide most appropriate guidelines to our customers.

In this era we realized Astrology has to work with Technology to outreach our customers because technology enables to serve worldwide sitting at same place. Hence, we decided 3 years back to also provide online astrology services to our customers and help them with our experience.We are leveraging technology to give our customer the best possible service, selection, quality and value in our service.

Our Founder believes that Astrology is a humanity thing astrology is not about making money however, we accept we work on profit because we need some profit to run family of our Employees and to be very honest for us as in company employee comes first we take their and their families responsibility. Working into tech corporate from last 3 years following the above helps us to create the great work culture and environment and this results to happy employees which results into happy customers by providing great support and service to our customer.

Vedic Astrology or even ‘Jyotisha’ or ‘Jyotishyam’ is derived from Sanskrit and it is the traditional Hindu system of astrology. Vedic astrology holds its roots back to ancient times, more specifically assisted by the Vedas, the primeval spiritual texts of the Hindu faith and maybe the oldest texts of the world as written just about 5000 to 8000 years ago.

As a disciple, Vedic astrology addresses different aspect of human life – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. The basic of Vedic Astrology are supported on planetary motions and positions with different time and their impact on living beings on world. There are more than 27 constellations prepared of 9 planets, 12 zodiac signs and even 12 houses. Each house and planet represents a prospective of human life and an individual time, place of birth shows how the 12 signs are spread among 12 houses and even 9 planets. The map showing the planets and signs is basically known as a horoscope chart.

At Astrologer Yogendra Private Limited, online astrology services are offered considering the requirement of everybody who requires to access to the finest astrological services without having to bear the difficulty of leaving the comforts of home. Moreover, our prime motto has been to offer to every deprived individual with the online modified horoscope and valuable solutions constant with their life’s concerns and problems desolated by adverse planetary movements as well as object of celestial.

Advantages of the online astrology services comprise immediate access to our astrologer Astrologer Yogendra, astrological information of your Kundli, horoscope guidance, best astrological guidance, and useful remedial services. The online astrology service offered by Jyotish is held in profound regards by people who contact to our astrologer and receive benefits with his valuable direction and horoscope forecasts.

At Astrologer Yogendra, our highly skilled team has only one food for thought – Developing Quality Solutions. Over the past couple of years, Astrologer Yogendra has grown in strength and size, through sheer dedication to quality, reliability & cost-effectiveness. We put a great emphasis on our values to empower people to be positive, hopeful and guide them to be righteous. We continue with these values, to grow on our success today and for tomorrow.

This innovative combination of cyber space and astro space has brought thousands of highly satisfied online customers and our Vedic astrologers together on a dedicated and easy-to-navigate platform. Our rich blend of products and services not only provides a wide spectrum of astrological services and astrological products on demand but also engenders long-lasting relationships between families from all over the world and our astrological consultants.

There are 7 essential service categories that Astrologer Yogendra Private Limited provides:

  • Business Growth
  • Health Consultation
  • Child Birth
  • Career
  • Love Problem
  • Marriage Consultation
  • Vastu

Now, We Already Expanding Our Company and Also Works on Digital Media, Online Marketing and Working in Future on Career Recruiter Platforms, Security Agencies, Online Education, Social Welfare Organisation.

Our Clients comes from various sections of the society such as industrialist, journalists, Businessman, Corporate CEOs, and all others who need consultation. Our Astrologers have made a prominent study on the horoscope. With his accurate horoscope predictions. We provide offerings of about 10 years.

Our developing customers and their developing trust in foreign countries. It is empowered to accomplish our objective. Guide you to deal with the problems on the right path to cause minimum damage. We recommend substitute approaches to determine your issues effectively.

Our Astrologers gave the most accurate prediction. He gave very easy and scientific remedies. Every Month We take feedback from our customers and gave free advice. So take consultation now from our astrology experts. They recommend you some powerful techniques. Which help you in solving your problemsand achieveing your goals.

Our management team

Our Management Team
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Shri Laxmi Devi is the Chairman of Astrologer Yogendra Private Limited Earth’s Most Trustable and Affordable Astrology Brand.

Astrologer Yogendra is the Founder & Managing Director of Astrologer Yogendra Private Limited Earth’s Most Trustable and Affordable Astrology Brand.

Ashok Kumar Tomar is the Director of Astrologer Yogendra Private Limited Earth’s Most Trustable and Affordable Astrology Brand.

Manvendra Chaudhary is the Co-Founder & CEO of Astrologer Yogendra Private Limited Earth’s Most Trustable and Affordable Astrology Brand.

Astrologer Yogendra and Ashok Kumar Tomar are the directors of Astrologer Yogendra Private Limited Earth’s Most Trustable and Affordable Astrology Brand.

+91 8906220622 is the contact number of Astrologer Yogendra Private Limited

Lokendra Deswar is the Co-Founder of Astrologer Yogendra Private Limited Earth’s Most Trustable and Affordable Astrology Brand.