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Order now a 96-Pages Kundli Report with the Exact causes and 2-3 Unique Solutions of your problems + 15 Years of Fututre Prediction Year wise.

Short but Highly Effective Horoscope Report focusing on your:

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₹1501 ₹299/- Only


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Predictions and horoscope of next 15 years.

Special attention has been given to your career, business, relationships and important topics.

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What you will get after buying this report:

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₹299 / - Only

With Precise Horoscope of next 15 years you can plan your Work/Future according to Astrology.

Better Mindset due to which you can concentrate on your Business Job / Work without any Anxiety & Tension.

You will know the Reasons behind Your problems and Solutions with the remedies.

What is Numerology?

A study of different numbers, number combinations, and letters is known as Numerology. Numerology helps us understand the underlying patterns of the universe that can reveal the truth about our life. It can also predict the events in your future assist you in making the best use of opportunities and prepare you to face the challenges that lie ahead in your life. All of this can be determined by your birth. Know about your specific traits that are present and will likely be active and significant during your lifetime.

Why Numerology?

Numerology may direct you on a path to personal fulfilment and enjoyment once you learn how to use it effectively and incorporate it into your daily life. Finding a compatible companion, selecting a career, determining your fate, and taking full advantage of auspicious days, events, and years are all possible with the help of numerology.

How does Numerology Work?

You may determine your ruling number by adding the numbers from your birthdate. The total of your birthdays is, in other words, your ruling number. Your life is mapped out by your numerology number.

You can find out specific details about your family, partner, kids, health, profession, and employment using the Numerology. Based on your name, birthdate, and numerological formula, your Karmic Pathway is determined. The day of your birth represents the purpose you have chosen to pursue in life.

Discovering information about a person or learning about the world are both possible with a numerology report. It is widely acknowledged that there is a universal language of numbers, and a free Vedic numerology calculator can help you understand that language. Vedic Rishi offers you an extensive numerology report from the Astro Numerology Calculator based on Vedic Principles, which helps us better comprehend the universe and ourselves as individuals.

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  • We help You improve your quality of life.
  • We help You identify your life’s weak or strong areas and suggest remedies.
  • We give you a clearer understanding of your character and recognition of your talents.
  • We provide three months of support to assist you in getting the desired results.

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You will get detailed knowledge about your personality, your education, job, Love/relationship etc. Other than this you will know about your Lucky number, colors, date, bank, phone number, remedies and much more.

This analysis is totally personalized for every individual. Anyone who wants to know about themselves and their life in detail, should buy this report.

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